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The Natural Networker

The Natural Networker

By Hank Shrier


Why did eighteen people pay $1,000.00 for this book?

Hank Shrier peels back the covers on the secrets of becoming a Natural Networker. Through his stories and real world examples, you will learn to master the skills within yourself that will allow you to become a World Class Networker.

Read about the $30.00 pants. Understand how an eight year old got a teacher to see things Hank’s way. Understand how to motivate your co workers and your kids. Learn why and when silence is your most treasured asset.

Be ready to laugh cry smile and nod. See how many "AHAH" moments you have. Most of all enjoy your journey from where you are to where you will be after you read the book.

"To get what you desire in this life, give the people in your life what they desire first"