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The Counselor, The Cleric and The Crook (E-Book)

The Counselor, The Cleric and The Crook (E-Book)

By Hank Shrier, Laurence Becker


Now available in e-book in both e-pub and mobi.

  • Author signed version available;
  • Look for enhanced e-book coming soon

Based on a true story, and epitomizing the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction, The Counselor, The Cleric, And The Crook spans three continents, eighty years and the full range of human behavior; Greed, envy, deception, murder, reconciliation, and revenge.

Reuven Guildenstern and Victor Rosencranz meet at the King’s Court Terrace of the Kind David Hotel in Jerusalem to discuss the upcoming move of a certain Rabbi Teller from New York to Rishon in Israel. Reuven has agreed to pay the Rabbi’s current lawyer $20,000 to navigate the unsuspecting new immigrant into his trap.

Teller’s youngest daughter, Ruchi will be Victor’s target. With both father and daughter under their control, the two conspirators set out to loot the rabbi’s considerable estate.

With a hand trembling with age, Rabbi Teller signs a document placed before his half-blind eyes by Reuven Guildenstern. He can barely contain himself as the key step in the elaborate plan to bilk the unsuspecting old gentleman and his heirs out of their rightful legacy has fallen into place

Six people sit in a conference room waiting for counselor, Simon Klein to supposedly discuss with them the estate of their now deceased relative. Instead, Klein surprises them with questions. Did Rabbi Teller meet his end naturally, or was his death at the hands of a murderer and a thief? Did one of the people in the room kill him? Who emptied his considerable bank accounts?

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